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Recycled Newspaper Stars for eco-friendly and creative decorating this Christmas

Decorating our homes at Christmas is a lovely thing to do to make it look cosy, bright and cheerful! Here's how to make simple Recycled Newspaper Stars for eco-friendly and creative decorating this Christmas! Suitable for children aged 5 plus to make with adult supervision, or for parents of very young children to enjoy some mindful making at nap time!

• Use scissors to carefully cut 3 squares from an old newspaper, any size you like. The smaller the squares the smaller the finished star!

• Use the scissors again to cut a diagonal across the middle of each square, corner to corner, to make 2 triangle shapes.

• Turn the triangle upside down and fold the corner about 1cm up, then turn over and fold the other way. Keep turning over and folding in a concertina way about 5 times until you run out of paper.

• Fold the concertina in half and glue the edges together - you should have a folded 3D shape!

• Make another 4 of these and then glue the bottom edges of each folded shape together to make a star!

• Make a hole in the back to thread coloured string through and hang on a wall, at a window, or make a few to hang off a stick for a festive mobile!

We'd love to see your recycled newspaper stars decorating your homes this Christmas! Tag @naturemakers or #naturemakers in your photos on social media! Happy eco-crafting!


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