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Hello, I’m Katherine, your Nature Makers provider for North of Tyne.

I’m a fully qualified teacher with 20 years experience of working with children across the age and ability range. Children thrive when they are free to explore the world around them and express themselves creatively. It has never been so important that children experience and connect with the natural world, both for their wellbeing and the future of Planet Earth.

My son’s favourite things to do are ‘go outside’ and ‘do making’. We are almost
always muddy, wet, windswept, sticky or covered in paint and we share our house
with an ever growing collection of pine cones, stones, sticks and other natural
treasures. I have always loved being outdoors but seeing him discover things for the first time has brought me a whole new level of joy. It’s wonderful to see him
developing a deep connection with our natural world
I’m incredibly excited to be bringing Nature Makers to the North East and look
I look forward to sharing my love of nature and getting crafty with as many little people and their families as possible.

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