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Make an eco-friendly Natural Mini-Wreath for Christmas

Hang up these mini-wreaths on walls, fridges or doors inside, to bring an extra festive scent of pine and conifer! This is a lovely simple, sensory and mindful nature make that you can easily do with children from ages 3 upwards. Older children might like to try making this independently.

You'll need :

A paper plate


Green wool or string

Evergreen foliage like pine, fir, spruce and conifer leaves

1) Start by cutting out the middle from a paper plate

2) Cut small slits all the way around the outside edge of the plate

3) Wrap your green wool or string around the plate, making sure to push it through the slits and tie a knot on the one end to secure.

4) Leave a length of wool or string at the end to make a point to hang it from

5) Use your evergreen leaves to push through the wool and string on the plate until the whole plate is covered

6) Then put it up where you'd like it and remember to send us any photos of Natural Mini-Wreaths you've made or tag us #naturemakers!


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