Hello! I’m Hannah, your local Nature Makers® Activity Provider for East Sussex Coast.

Recently I made the biggest (and best) move from London to the beautiful Coast with my husband, Adam, and our little boy Ethan – oh and our family of snails!

This year made me reflect on my life and prioritise the things that I believe to be important ... which turned out to be buying lots of plants (just me?).

But in all honestly, that meant taking a step back from the chaotic world of a media career in the City and pursuing something that I really craved for involving both the outdoors and my enjoyment for Arts and Crafts. 


I am an advocate for encouraging eco-awareness to our little humans and see the benefits of nature. Nurturing a child’s curiosity as well as our own through creativity and a sense of wonder can be wonderful to experience. Getting the little folk fingers dirty is the heart behind what the Nature Makers Family do. 

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