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Nature Makers classes:

Our Nature Makers classes are designed to be fun, educational and inspire creativity through mindful nature Art, Craft & Play.

- One mum said "My 2 year old is consistently engaged with all the varied activities set up each week at Nature Makers. Absolutely love that the class is so eco conscious and responsible, it's absolutely the sort of thing I want to instil in my little boy!" 

Every term we journey through the season learning about nature and the world around us through facts, nature play and exploration, related Art & Crafts and finish with a story about the theme. Products used are Eco friendly and Vegan inclusive too.

We enjoy all different types of Art including: Product, Process, Collaborative, Land Art and more! These different Art types are specially selected to develop not only mindful creativity and positive mental health but also to support development of sensory processing skills and other Early Years skills such as hand eye coordination and fine motor skills with classes written in line with the Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and developing in content as the children grow.

We believe in a co-creation and facilitation approach with Guardians supporting children in the best way for their needs.

Some of our classes are split into different ages or type:

* Nature Makers - Our original class for children from babies up to age 6

* Nature Makers Toddlers/Babies/Families - Class may be split into different age groups

* Nature Makers Home Education - A Home Education class for children from 4 years +

* Nature Makers Earth School - These classes are more child led often with a campfire

* Big Nature Play Day - Our weekend/holiday provision that is more child led with stations for art and play.

Mindful Makers classes:

Incorporate Nature, Art & Craft and relaxation into a class designed to facilitate mindfulness for adults only. These classes and workshops may be focused on a specific skill, craft or relaxation technique such as willow weaving, pressed flowers or landscape painting or may incorporate a variety of exercises designed to bring about relaxation through a mix of nature activities, Art & Crafts, poems, meditation, 'Forest Bathing' and time to connect with hot drinks. 

To see what your local Activity Provider has on offer visit their specific page listed above.


Products used at both classes are Eco friendly and Vegan inclusive! And we are an official Partner with Just One Tree pledging to make regular donations, and facilitating donations from our wonderful customers, so that they can plant trees and save our precious Planet!

Have a question about our classes? Visit our FAQ page here.

No classes in your area? Have you considered running them as a Nature Makers Activity Provider? See our Franchise Opportunities page for more information.

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