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Ways to celebrate Earth Day as a family

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

With Earth Day coming up and a week full of activities planned in our Nature Art classes then we thought we would share some ideas of ways that you can enjoy learning about the Earth and giving consideration to how to make our wonderful World a better and cleaner place for everyone.

Do a litter pick!

We recently supported a children's litter pick local to our Head Office in Tamworth. What a worthy cause and such an important way to teach the next generation about cleaning up our Planet and the consequences of our throw away culture.

Why not find a local event to you or invest in the litter pickers and head out with gloves, a big bag and high vis if needed and see how much rubbish you can bag!

Discover fascinating facts about the Earth!

There are plenty of amazing books about the Earth out there to help you learn about the wonderful animals on our planet and geography from Earth quakes to deserts so take your pic.

One great book about Earth that we have discovered and is perfect for exploring with preschoolers is 'The Ultimate Book Of Planet Earth'. This interactive book covers a range of topics about our Planet from volcanoes to space, with lift the flaps, pop-ups and pull outs to increase the interest and learning for little ones.

Plant some seeds.

Planting seeds has so many benefits for not just early years but everyone. It is a form of Nature Therapy and has been shown to improve mental mood and even mental functioning of children and adults.

You don't need fancy gadgets, you just need seeds and soil. If looking to grow them on a window sill/inside before planting out into the ground then some sort of pot is needed too. We use toilet rolls with the end cut up and poked in to make a pot but have a look at our YouTube video to give you ideas of how to grow seeds with your children.

Create an Art piece about Earth.

Why not create an art piece, maybe even a poster, about saving the World, or just about a topic that inspires your child in nature! Don't forget to stick with the Eco friendly mission and consider using Eco friendly Art products. You could even use cleaned and safe items that were destined for your bin to create a piece of recycled 'junk art'.

Having learnt about the Earth now and seeing the impact of plastic and waste in the real world this will really bring it home to children that we can actually make a difference and will be something for them to remember this day.

We would love to see what you get up to and how you learn as a family about Earth during Earth Day so feel free to tag us @NatureMakers and we can share your good work protecting our beautiful Planet!


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