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Frequently Asked Questions about our classes!

Updated: Jan 4

We thought we would create this post so that all of the usual questions that we see asked are answered for you. If you have any others then please reach out on social media or via email and we hope to be able to answer them for you ASAP!

* What do you do in a class?

Nature Makers classes are for children and are designed to be fun, educational and inspire creativity through nature inspired Art, Crafts & Play. Every term we journey through the season learning about nature and the world around us through facts, nature play and exploration, related Art & Crafts and finish with a story about the theme.

Products used are Eco friendly and Vegan!

We enjoy all different types of Art including: Product, Process, Collaborative, Land Art and more! These different types of art are specially selected to develop not only creativity but also support development of sensory processing skills and other Early Years skills such as hand eye coordination and fine motor skills with classes written in line with the Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We now also run other classes/events in certain locations including:

Big Nature Play Day typically ran during holidays or at weekends these events are larger in scale and consist of a number of stations of art, craft and play, where the child and adult can move around at their own pace to explore. Like an outdoor Stay & Play.

Earth School these are our equivalent to Forest School. They are child led with the opportunity to explore the space and learning at the child's pace. They may include a fire and elements of risky play such as use of tools on occasion.

Mindful Makers classes are our offering for adults to enjoy some mindful time for themselves through nature arts such as willow weaving.

* What age are the classes suitable for?

Nature Makers:

We believe in a co-creation and facilitation approach with Guardians supporting children in the best way for their needs. Therefore classes are for children aged 6 months - 6 years allowing for them to try a range of activities with your support where needed whilst you can get involved and enjoy creating the Art also!

Our after school clubs and holiday clubs are usually from 5-11.

Mindful Makers:

Classes are ran for adults with different types of classes and workshops being offered. Sometimes babies are welcome to attend, please check with your local Activity Provider.

* Do you do a class for older home schooled children?

Yes - Please check with your local Activity Provider to see if they also run home school classes or what holiday clubs and activities they are running this year.

* What should I bring to class?

For all of our classes:

We are an Art class so expect that you might get messy so don't wear your Sunday best. Also we spend a lot of the time outside in nature so please dress appropriately for the season and weather, we encourage layers, suitable footwear and a coat.

Please also bring a picnic blanket/tarpaulin where you can sit to do the activities, it might get messy.

Nature Makers:

You may want to bring a drink with you and child, if bringing a hot drink please ensure that it is is a sealed cup with a lid on such as a flask or a heavy based cup to avoid spills.

Also for story time we encourage you to bring a healthy snack for the child (maybe you too!), please be respectful of other people and do not bring any nut based snacks due to allergies.

* Where do you run your classes?

You can find all of our current Franchise locations on our Classes page. From there select the area nearest to you and you will be taken direct to their page where you can see all of their classes, locations, times, dates and costs and make a booking.

* How much do classes cost?

This depends on your area and type of class. Please visit their specific page to see which classes they run and the associated costs, or contact them on Facebook.

* How do I book?

You can find all of our Franchise locations and a map of them on our Classes page. From there access your nearest Franchise location page and you will see all available classes to book listed by location/day.

You can then book through this page via our Booking system called Book That In. You will have to Log in or can sign up for FREE. This means that when you come to book in the future your basic details (not card details) will be saved, reducing your time.

* Do I have to book for the term or can I book Pay As You Go (PAYG)?

Please check directly with your local Activity Provider. Term bookings often sell out fast so waiting for PAYG options may mean that you miss out on a space and have to join the waiting list.

* Can I pay via cash or at a later date?

Unfortunately we only accept pre-booked and paid for spaces via the online booking system we cannot accept cash at the class.

* I don't want photos being taken of me or my child in class is this ok?

Yes. With completion of the Booking/Registration form you can select for us to have permission or not have permission to use your photos, this is your choice.

* What do you do with my email address?

When you complete a Booking/Registration form you also select whether we can add your email to our mailing list. If you select this then we will follow our Privacy Policy, never pass on your details to 3rd parties and only use your email for our marketing purposes e.g. to tell you about new classes, offers and events. If you have selected No to being added to our mailing list then we will only contact you if needed about your current booking e.g. if you need to be aware of important information such as the need to bring equipment to class. This does mean however, that you will miss out on details such as new term dates/promotions.

* Do you do Risk Assessments/have a risk assessment for Covid?

Yes and yes! Each venue has a risk assessment and all class activities are then risk assessed also.

* Do you have insurance?

Yes, all Activity Providers must have valid Public & Product Liability insurance prior to starting to run classes.

* Do you have a DBS?

Yes, all Activity Providers must have a clean DBS check to be taken on board by Nature Makers. It is part of the recruitment process and Class Leaders must also pass an enhanced DBS check to run classes on their own. These are rechecked every 3 years or sooner if needed.

* Are you First Aid trained?

Yes, all Activity Providers are expected to have completed a Level 3 First Aid training course for children/Forest School alternative and maintain this throughout their time as an Activity Provider for Nature Makers.

* I would like to run my own classes is this possible?

Yes! We operate a Franchise scheme where you can be your own boss and gain the support of our business and friendly team. Please visit out Franchise Opportunity page for more information about running your own Nature Makers Franchise.

* I have another question not on here how do I get it answered?

Please email and we will get back to you ASAP.


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