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Create your own Paper Mache Badger Sett

This week in our classes we have been learning all about Badgers!

We thought we would share a bit of cheer during lockdown by doing a free, live make-a-long to create your own paper mache Badger sett!

Don't worry if you missed it, below are the instructions that you can work through.

This is a lovely little activity to do with your toddler, encouraging them to rip up the paper and paint on the glue, all developing creative skills along side hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, all so important for early years development!

It's also a great way to use up those toilet rolls that we seem to have in abundance as a parent! (Where do they all come from?!?)

You will need:

* Cardboard

* Toilet roll/kitchen tube

* Sticky tape

* Scissors (optional)

* Glue mixed with water 1:1 ratio, in pot

* Paint brush

* Toilet paper/scrap paper/newspaper

* Paints to decorate when dried


Step 1 - Cut out a circle shape or another shape that is bigger than the toilet roll/kitchen tube out of the cardboard.

Step 2 - Place the toilet roll/kitchen tube on top of the cardboard shape and use sticky tape to secure it in place.

Step 3 - Scrunch up some of the scrap paper/newspaper to provide bulk to either side of the toilet roll and secure in place against the roll and onto the cardboard using sticky tape.

Step 4 - Mix up the glue into a watery solution and either dunk scraps of paper/toilet paper into the mix and apply directly or use a paintbrush to paint the onto the cardboard, tube and scrunched up paper and apply the paper on top. Paint over the top of it with more glue and keep going to build up the scene making sure all of the cardboard is covered.

Step 5 - Leave over night to dry.

Step 6 - When dried then decorate the Badger sett with paints to look like a woodland floor filled with grass, leaves, flowers or mushrooms!

You could always head outside and turn this into a nature craft by collecting some fallen leaves and glue these onto the badger sett also.

Now you have your sett!

We used a cute little finger puppet Badger with our sett but if you haven't got anything like this then you could make your own Badger by cutting a tier drop shape from more cardboard, applying scrunched up paper to build a body onto the cardboard and then paper mache over the top. When dry paint the Badger's signature black stripes over the eyes and a grey body. Just make sure that our Badger fits into your sett!

This is a great recycle craft activity that can then be used in a small world play set up so double the enjoyment for your little one and a great way to learn about the wonderful world of Badgers and their amazing underground homes.

Let us know how you get on and share your photos with us by tagging @NatureMakers


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