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Nature Makers Crowned Revolutionary Franchise of the Year at the Disruptive Franchise Awards 2024

Nature Makers, the UK’s leading provider of mindful Nature Art, Craft, and Play experiences, has been awarded the prestigious Revolutionary Franchise of the Year at this year’s Disruptive Franchise Awards. This accolade celebrates the innovative spirit, sustainable practices, and transformative impact Nature Makers has achieved within the franchise industry and beyond.

The Disruptive Franchise Awards, known for honouring trailblazing enterprises that challenge conventional business models, recognized Nature Makers for its unique approach to integrating nature with creative activities and the support that it gives to its franchisees. Founded with the vision of fostering a deeper connection between children and the natural world, Nature Makers has grown to become a beacon of sustainability and mindful engagement across the UK.

"This award is a testament to the dedication and passion of our franchisees and the community support we receive," said Faye Smith, Founder and CEO of Nature Makers. "We are committed to inspiring families to explore, create, and play in harmony with nature, and this recognition fuels our mission to continue innovating in ways that benefit both people and the planet."

Highlights of Nature Makers’ Revolutionary Approach:

  • Eco-Conscious: Nature Makers' sessions incorporate environmentally friendly materials and practices, promoting sustainability and conservation. Activities range from nature-inspired crafts to outdoor exploration, designed to foster a lifelong love of the natural world.

  • Inclusive and Educational: The franchise offers events that cater to diverse age groups and abilities, ensuring that every participant can enjoy and benefit from mindful nature-based activities. Educational elements are seamlessly integrated, enriching children’s learning experiences.

  • Community-Centric Model: Nature Makers' franchises are embedded within local communities, collaborating with schools, parks and charities. This localised approach strengthens community bonds and encourages communal environmental stewardship as is seen through our annual Community Give Back Week.

  • Support and Growth for Franchisees: The franchise network is supported through comprehensive training, ongoing development opportunities, and a robust support system, enabling franchisees to thrive and innovate within their regions.

Since its inception, Nature Makers has expanded its presence with numerous franchises across the UK, each committed to delivering high-quality, nature-based experiences that inspire creativity and mindfulness. This award highlights the franchise’s commitment to leading a transformative movement in how families interact with and appreciate the natural environment and how franchises are supported and valued within the network.

About Nature Makers:

Nature Makers is the leading provider of mindful Nature Art, Craft, and Play experiences in the UK. Founded to connect children and families with the natural world through creative and educational activities, Nature Makers has established a nationwide network of franchises dedicated to promoting sustainability, mindfulness, and community engagement.

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