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Make nature bunting for the King's Coronation!

Are you planning on celebrating the King's Coronation and looking for children's activities to do?

We love this simple nature art bunting idea so wanted to share.

To make this bunting you will need:

* Cardboard (use cereal packet cardboard to recycle)

* Scissors

* Hole puncher

* String/Wool

* Paints

* Paint bush & pot

* Pressed flowers or fresh flowers from you garden

* Glue

To make your nature bunting follow these steps below:

1) Cut from the cardboard the bunting flags into the shape that you want. We went for rectangle here but you could do triangle or even heart shape, get creative.

2) Hole punch 2 holes at the top of each bunting flag for where the string will go to hang them all up.

3) Get creative and decorate! You can do this just with the paints or using glue can add on dressed flowers or if you don't get have those then how about sprinkling some fresh flowers, leaves or grass from your garden. Just remember to only pick sustainably, what you know is safe, such as dandelion flowers and leaves, and after checking with the land owner.

4) Once dry thread the string through all the bunting holes. In one hole and out the other so to balance them correctly and then they will hang straight.

5) Display them during the Coronation weekend or for any other celebration that you might need your nature art bunting!

Note Adult supervision required for this project.

We would love to see what wonderful recycled bunting you come up with so tag us on Instagram or Facebook @naturemakers


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