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Covid19 update - Making sure we are all safe to return to class!

I am so excited to announce that Environmental Health has given us the green light to return to classes!

Over the last month we have been working with them to understand the constantly changing and highly vague guidelines that apply to our industry and have created a Risk Assessment that they are happy with that protects everyone that will attend classes: Families, children and us, from the risks of Covid19.

Classes will look different. But we have been careful to put things in place to mitigate the risks whilst keeping to our Values and we will certainly NOT be using lots of single use plastic and disposable items!

Some of the changes that you will see are:

* All Activity Providers will have undergone special Covid19, Infection Control and prevention training and will be following our approved Risk Assessment with additional localised changes to ensure everyone's safety. * Smaller class sizes to allow for correct spacing to ensure 2+ meters social distancing. * Priority given to term bookings. * No shared T-shirts - these will only be available to purchase your own T-shirt to wear with pride in class. * Snack time will be a bring your own affair for now. * Art materials will not be shared and everything, as usual anyway, will be cleaned in between usage. * We will work with the Venues to ensure that social distancing and other Covid safe policies are observed in and around any Venues where our classes take place. * Masks will be worn only when we are setting equipment for usage before class and if we need to get closer than 2 meters to you during class e.g. to give you scissors. We obviously will follow correct guidelines for hand washing and sterilising. * We do not expect you to wear masks (you can do if you want) but to agree to our new Ts & Cs of following the latest Government advice + to not attend if you, your child or someone in your household is showing symptoms/confirmed.

There is lots of work to be done including more Covid19 training and engaging with the Venues to confirm details and dates. If you are a regular then expect an email in the next couple of weeks confirming details as we may run a few sessions prior to September, then restart fully in September, so you will be given priority bookings. Thank you to everyone that has supported us during this strange time. 🙏 We are so looking forward to getting back to classes and seeing how all of your little ones have grown! 💚

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