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Right now we are in the grips of an Environmental emergency where the decisions we make will impact upon our children and beyond. Thankfully there is a growing awareness of parents wanting to raise their family with an appreciation of nature but unsure how to do this and unable to find a children’s class that supports this ethos in both activities and products used.


Hello my name is Faye and I created Nature Makers® to help families with young children to connect with nature, without parents having to be experts themselves, by providing nature inspired Art & Craft classes, parties and events using Eco-friendly and Vegan products, so that families can raise their children to have an appreciation of our precious Planet.


One of our mum's Rhian said "My 2 year old is consistently engaged with all the varied activities each week at Nature Makers®. Absolutely love that the class is so Eco conscious and responsible, it's absolutely the sort of thing I want to instill in my little boy!”


Nature Makers® began as I was frustrated that local preschool art classes were heavily reliant on using plastic and chemical based products and alarmed to see the use of animal products in art materials.


This, combined with seeing how much enjoyment and development my young son gained through not just art but outdoor and natural activities gave me the idea of creating Nature Makers® so that other families can develop this connection to nature too.


What started in Spring 2019 as just 1 class in Tamworth to educate and entertain my son has turned into multiple across the Midlands and requests for more so there are lots of exciting changes planned for 2020 - Subscribe to our News Letter to be kept up to date.


We are raising the next generation of Earth protectors so come along this journey with Nature Makers® to save our Planet through art, education and fun!

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