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Nature Makers Garden Art Colouring Competition

We’ve been so sad to have to cancel some of our classes recently, but we really want to make sure we’re all doing our best to look after each other right now more than ever. We thought it would be nice to let Nature Makers carry on in your homes and gardens until classes start up again so we’ve written this blog post to inspire you to get arty and appreciating nature!

Going out into the garden can be a perfect way of getting some fresh air and a change of scenery from the four walls. Both children and adults alike find the sounds of birds and rustling leaves calming and it will feel like you’ve been “out”. Rain or shine, if the weather’s rainy or chilly, wrap up and wear waterproofs and wellies, if it’s sunny, enjoy soaking up those rays and getting some much needed Vitamin D!

If you’re self-isolating, or choosing to stay home over the next few weeks, here are some fun and creative ideas for you and your children to enjoy doing together. Immerse yourselves in the art process. There’s no rush, no final completed piece. Let the children guide you in what they’re happy to do. Let them spend an hour doing just one thing or a few minutes doing one thing before trying something else.

Painting with Water

This is such a simple way to let toddler and younger children free to be expressive with a paintbrush without the mess (just a little water). Grab a paintbrush and a pot or dish of water and let the children paint shapes and make marks on walls, fences and patios. For children 3 plus, why not make it educational, by practising letters and numbers, spelling or maths? This works best on a dry day.

Bark and Leaf Rubbings

A classic nostalgic technique for showing the beauty in nature. All you need is paper and crayons (we sell some lovely soy based Purely Natural Kids crayons) Find a tree trunk or some leaves (please make sure the leaves are relatively clean) and let the children press the paper on top and rub over with the crayons! Use different colours and talk about the colours that leaves change to during the different seasons. Again, with slightly older children, maybe talk about the shapes of the leaves and create an additional activity finding out the names of the trees and plants they have come from.

Stone Painting

See if you can collect some stones from your garden that are no bigger than your child’s hand. Using some paint (we sell some great powder paints that go a long way!) let the child make marks and choose colours. Let older children talk about what they want to paint on them and why. Maybe think about leaving them in public parks in a few weeks to make people smile who find them. A little varnish over the tops of the stones will protect them from the rain if you’re leaving them outside.

Nature Collage

Go out into the garden with a basket or bag and collect a variety of safe* leaves, petals and twigs. Try to avoid damaging any opening flowers. You can either do your collage outside if its dry or come inside to use glue to stick your collected garden treasure on paper. Let the children inspire their own pictures, make patterns or even create a nature creature! *always be careful of any thorns on twigs, leaves that are spiky, stinging nettles, or berries. Try to pick items that are relatively clean. Older children might like to add to their collages with paint or crayon!

Finally, to keep your little ones even busier, we’re running a Colouring Competition and would love them to take part!

Below is a fun colour-in sheet hand-drawn by Becki (Activity Provider for Lichfield & Walsall) Print it off, colour it in/decorate it using natural/recycled objects and either send us a photo of your completed sheet to or post up on Instagram or Facebook making sure you tag and mention Nature Makers @naturemakers or @naturemakerslichfieldwalsall.

We’ll choose our favourite on Easter Friday (10th April) and the winner will get a Nature Makers t-shirt (for ages 6 and under) or a set of Purely Natural Kids Vegan Crayons (for age 3+).

Happy colouring!

Becki x

Nature Makers Activity Provider for Lichfield & Walsall


Open to UK entrants only. 1 winner will be selected from the entries as the winner on 10th April 2020. No cash alternative. Not endorsed by/associated with Facebook/Instagram.

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