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5 ideas of things that you can do with children over the Summer holidays in your garden

The Summer holidays start and you might be filled with equal parts excitement and worry! The children are off school so we can all play and do things that we want to do but yet there is that pressure to do everything, spend all the money and see everyone.

Take the pressure off this Summer and enjoy some time either in the park or in your own garden doing some of the ideas that we share below.

1) Teddy bears picnic - Ok any picnic actually. Just make up your sandwidges, drink and snacks, get a picnic blanket and then either head to the park or just do it in your own garden. It is something different and the kids will love it especially if they helped make/bake or prepare the food before hand with you. Make it an extra special picnic by bringing the teddys out to enjoy themselves too.

2) Painting with water - Super simple idea when you don't want the mess of paints. Grab a paint brush (or make your own), a bucket and water and get them painting the floor and fence. Ask them what they think will happen to the water and come back later to see.

3) Mud kitchen - It doesn't have to be a posh, expensive one. A few old pots and pans, mud, water and then things from the garden like grass/leaves and da daaa you have an afternoon of creative free play.

4) Make an obstacle course - Get a few toys out and find things around your garden (that are safe) such as balls and garden sticks and create your own obstacle course. Do this by laying it out into a pattern for your children to run around, jump over and crawl under. Then ask them to create a different set up, it's great fun, maybe you can have a go too!

5) Create a dinosaur world - Or anything else that would entertain them by bringing their inside toys outside. Create a set up for them and then after a while help them to make a new set up/let them do it on their own. Taking something like this outside creates a whole new environment for them to enjoy exploring with their familiar toys.

We hope that has given you a few ideas of things to try in your garden to entertain your little ones this Summer.

Looking forward to seeing some of you at our Summer holiday events, the Big Nature Play Days, and then joining our September term!


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