* UPDATE - Applications now closed for our Pilot Franchise Scheme. 

Applications will reopen January 2021.

If you are interested in receiving details as soon as they go live then please email  Faye to register your interest!*

'We are educating the next generation of Earth Protectors through Nature Inspired Art & Craft!” - Faye (founder)

The Coronavirus lockdown in the UK has made a lot of people slow down, spend time with their young children, educating them and watching them grow and see the natural world flourish.
Returning back to the 9-5 office job, seeing family for limited time and commuting long journeys for a job that doesn't feel fulfilling anymore just doesn't seem anyway to live...
We at Nature Makers® feel the same!
Instead are you looking to spend more time with your family?
Looking to be out in nature more and explore your creativity?
Looking to make a difference to our world through educating the next generation of Earth Protectors through fun?
Then we want to hear from you!

Created by Faye out of a frustration that local preschool art classes were heavily reliant on using plastic and chemical based products and alarmed to see the use of animal products in Art materials.

This, combined with seeing how much enjoyment and development her young son gained through not just art but outdoor and natural activities gave her the idea of creating an Art & Craft class that develops childhood skills and an awareness of our precious environment through nature inspired activities whilst using Vegan and Eco-friendly materials.


What started in Spring 2019 as just 1 class to entertain her son turned into multiple classes across the Midlands with requests for lots more! Faye also started receiving requests by like minded mums and dads about how they could get involved with Nature Makers® to not only make a difference to this world but do it in a way that allowed them to be flexible around their family commitments and provide a great financial reward. This led Faye to start on the Franchising journey and take Nature Makers® to the next level.

We are wanting to work with individuals that can bring their passion to Nature Makers®.

Not only will you be your own boss, set your hours of work and be flexible around family, but you will also be part of a supportive team that will value your contribution. 

You will receive initial and ongoing training, mentoring, a start up pack of uniforms, and art supplies, use of our resources including a comprehensive Operational Document with useful information in about how to operate, market and grow your business, and hundreds of Activity Plan ideas to get you started!

Who we are looking for?

Like minded individuals that understand and respect our values:

* Creativity

* Sustainability

* Vegan (note you do NOT need to be Vegan to apply)

* Educational

* Inclusive

If you like the sound of what we are saying and would like more information then please email:


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