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Make your own nature inspired bird mask!

We love doing art with natural objects and this bird mask is a great way to do that whilst learning about birds!

You will need the below:

* Bird mask template (at the bottom of this post)

* Card

* Scissors & hole punch

* Glue & glue spreader

* String

* Natural objects such as leaves, sticks and flowers.


1) Simply print out the template (make sure it fits A4).

2) Glue it onto some card. When dry cut the template out, punching holes at each side where indicated and cut out the eyes. (An adult may need to supervise/do this part).

3) Get outside and look for natural treasures to glue to your mask! Ideally leaves, sticks and flowers that have fallen naturally. Be sustainable when collecting natural objects, if you don't know what it is then don't pick it and always ask permission from the land owner.

4) Glue the natural objects onto the mask and leave to dry.

5) Tie the string to the one hole punch and place the mask into position on child's head to cut the correct length of sting then secure into place on the other side.

6) Have fun pretending to be a bird!

Why not try building a birds nest from sticks and try identifying birds in your garden?

We would love to see your masks so tag us on Instagram/Facebook @NatureMakers

So what are you waiting for?

Get outside and get Nature Making!

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